Praise & Worship Teams

Worship is very close to the heart of God and very close to the heart of Harvest Church. It is one of the most important things a Christian can do for spiritual growth. That’s why we make sure that there is an adequate opportunity for the church to press into the presence of the Lord together every Sunday. Our goal is to lead the church to engage with God in praise and worship.


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  Worship Leader Dana Scannapieco leads the worship with a team of gifted volunteer musicians. Harvest Church is known partially for anointed worship, and it’s not uncommon to hear spontaneous prophetic songs mixed in with other popular contemporary worship songs. Our guiding principles for this ministry are: 1. Hosting the presence of God, 2. Communicating God’s Truth, 3. Musical and Technical Excellence, and 4. Demonstrating Personal Integrity. If you are interested in being a part of this ministry, contact Dana to set up an interview and audition. Click here to express interest in this ministry.


Audio / Visual Teams


Harvest is fortunate to have a team of talented volunteers running the sound board, presentation software and stage lights. If you have experience in these areas or would like to serve in this arena, call to set up an interview or click here.







Hospitality is very important to us, and for this reason we have put together a team of greeters and ushers. If you’d like to be on this team of friendly people, let us know!





Decorations Staff


Vital to the quality of building and the enjoyment of each season, the Decorations staff spends time adjusting the seasonal decor and preparing for fellowships and potlucks. Join this team if you enjoy making a pleasant atmosphere.






Mission de candalia

Harvest supports many missionaries in many different parts of the world including Northern Africa, East Asia, Peru, The Philippines,  and Ghana.  Harvest Church stands with ministries and people who preach the Gospel. We have a special relationship with one such ministry that takes frequent trips to Mexico- Mision De Candelilla



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Harvest partners with a ministry to the small village of Candelilla and other towns beyond the border. Many of these trips are medical and they leave several times throughout the year. If you are interested in going on one of these trips you can get the best information from their website:

Prayer / Intercession

Prayer / Intercession

It is our privilege to partner with God and establish His will on earth through prayer and intercession. Every Sunday morning at 9am the intercession team meets to pray before worship, which prepares the way for the church to meet with God. Our intercession team is filled with prayer warriors who know how to stand in the gap and contend for the Kingdom of God in prayer. If you are an intercessor or would like to become one, begin here.