Sunday Morning Church


Sunday morning church is a great combination of most of the major ministries withing our church. We fellowship, worship and receive the Word together. This is the time beloved most by everyone in our church. That’s because we love each other and we love the presence of the Lord. Our meetings are relaxed, genuine and meaningful. We have just the right balance of spontaneity and order, and most people comment on how peaceful the atmosphere feels.

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One of the many strengths of Harvest is the teaching from Pastor Tom and the other elders in the church. The teachings are loved by so many, that people from all over the country subscribe to the podcasts. Each message has been prepared by hours of prayer and study, seeking God for a fresh and timely word of encouragement from the Scriptures.

Worship Service

Sunday Morning Worship

While the music at Harvest Church has a modern and relevant sound, the goal is not entertainment. The people come expecting to meet with God in praise and worship, and Harvest is blessed to have anointed and lively worship each Sunday. People come each Sunday and get filled up and refreshed by the Holy Spirit as He works through the teaching, worship and gifts stirred up among the people. Come and visit this Sunday!



Wednesday Night Bible Study

On Summer Wednesday nights the church gathers together to go deeper into the Word.


Ladies Bible Study

Sunday morning ladies

Once a month all the ladies come together for a fellowship and Bible Study catered to their needs. For questions about the next Ladies Bible Study click here.




Men’s Meeting

Men's Meeting

Once a month the men get together to study the Word and do other activities for fellowship. Check the events calendar for the next meeting.






Harvest offers pastoral counceling for members of the church.




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Our Senior Pastor, Tom Zintgraff has a passion to “shepherd the flock of God.” It’s one of the many strengths of Harvest Church. The people who are a part of this church have a prayer covering and a pastor that cares for them. Pastor Tom and the staff offer many ministries to build up the church, including personal counseling, marriage counseling, mentoring and deliverance. Pastor Tom has over thirty years experience in pastoral care. Many people have been able to overcome large hurdles in life and have grown closer to Christ in the process with the help of this Pastoral Ministry. If you would like to know more about this ministry or would like to set up a counseling appointment, call (254)-780-3566.


Deliverance 1We have a wonderful deliverance ministry for anyone to enjoy.




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Everyone longs for freedom, and Jesus came to set the captives free. There is power in Jesus’ name to break spiritual strongholds of fear, rejection, and depression. Christians don’t have to live with these burdens weighing them down. They can live and enjoy the freedom God desires for them by getting deliverance. Harvest Church has a strong deliverance ministry led by seasoned deliverance pastor, Jimmy Low. Jimmy has been in many types of ministry including pastoral, church planting, and deliverance for over forty years. People come from all over the nation to receive this wonderful Ministry of Deliverance. For more information on deliverance or to set up an appointment to receive deliverance, call Pastor Jimmy Low at (254)-773-3951.


Deliverance CDs are available on our Sermons page under the Media tab. Search “Deliverance” in the search bar.